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IYL 2015

Anno Internazionale della Luce e delle tecnologie basate sulla Luce
(IYL 2015)

Berry 21 ottobre 2015

Convegno Luce e Cultura

Lectio Magistralis

Nature's optics and our understanding of light

Michael Berry
University of Bristol

Accademia delle Scienze, Torino

19-25 ottobre 2015

Festival dell'Innovazione e della Scienza

Luce e colore: da Cruto ai led
Maria Luisa Rastello - 19 ottobre, ore 16:30

Luce e cibo: nuove prospettive per la metrologia alimentare
Andrea Mario Rossi - 20 ottobre, ore 11

La luce e il tempo
Davide Calonico - 24 ottobre, ore 18

Settimo Torinese, Biblioteca Archimede

Aspect 12 ottobre 2015

Lectio Magistralis

From the Einstein-Bohr debate to Bell's inequalities tests: precision measurements settle a conceptual debate

Alain Aspect
Institute d'Optique Graduate School, École Polytechnique, CNRS

Accademia delle Scienze, Torino
Programma | Video

INFINI.TO 12-13 febbraio 2015


12 Febbraio, ore 21, presso INFINI.TO, Planetario di Torino
13 Febbraio, ore 9:30, Palazzo Lascaris, Torino

Ullrich 3 febbraio 2015
ore 10:30

INRIM Colloquia for IYL

Metrology and Light - in the Year of Light and Beyond

Joachim Ullrich
Presidente del Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

sunto >>>
Metrology with and for light has been an ever-increasing field since the invention of the dynamo by W. v. Siemens in 1866 and of the carbon filament lamp by T. A. Edison in 1879. The foundation of the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt, PTR, in 1887 by H. v. Helmholtz and W. v. Siemens was among others strongly driven by the enormous growth of electric and lighting technologies in those days. Today we are facing a second revolution in light and lighting technologies with innovative laser-, LED- and OLED-source developments, the evolution of nano-photonics, single-photon and quantum-information technologies to name just a view with the quest for state-of-the-art metrology. In the future, light will play an even more important role for metrology with the advent of optical clocks, broad-band and high-precision optical fibre transmission technologies, methods to achieve spatial resolutions below the Abbe limit, with attosecond and free-electron-laser light sources coming online.
In the talk the fascination of light for mankind, the development of light and lightening technologies as well as present and future developments will be highlighted emphasizing in particular the challenges and opportunities for metrology in the future.

LIGHT & ATOMS 27 gennaio 2015

Fundamental physics with LIGHT & ATOMS


ILY2015 Italia 26 gennaio 2015

Cerimonia inaugurale dell'IYL 2015 in Italia

Sala del Senato di Palazzo Madama,
Piazza Castello, Torino

Diretta streaming (a cura dell'INFN Multimedia Group)

ILY2015 2015


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